Manage your sports team or exercise class with Teamer!

Who is it for?

Teamer is for anyone organising a sports team, exercise class or coaching session.

Easy-to-use, Teamer is the perfect solution to manage attendance and micro-payments online.

Sports Teams

Teamer is perfect for managing a sports team. From 5-a-side football to netball, basketball to golf, Teamer will save you hours of time.

Brillant for coaches or captains, the Teamer app will help you coordinate players and parents, organise matches or training sessions and collect payments - all from one easy-to-use app.

Sports Events

If you manage a sports event or a series of events, the Teamer app can save you time and streamline payment collection.

Create a tournament, match, training session or social event. Invite attendees and collect payment before the event starts. Teamer will manage everything online in a smart, easy-to-use app.

Exercise Classes

Do you teach an exercise class or coaching sessions? Whether your class is full-time or part-time, Teamer is the perfect app for managing class attendance and collecting payments.

Collect attendance fees instantly with in-app mobile payments and get paid on time - every time!


What can I do?

Teamer is a free app for sports teams, sports events and class organisers. Manage teammates and parents, organise events, confirm attendance and accept payments in one brilliant, easy-to-use app.

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Create events

Create your match, training session, exercise class or social event and promote it online to your attendees.

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Confirm attendance

Send invites by mobile prompts and emails. Attendees can confirm attendance within the brilliant Teamer app; no annoying emails or text messages.

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Accept payments

Collect payment from attendees using Teamer’s seamless online payment feature. Low cost and super fast. Every transaction is recorded and stored online.

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Instant messaging

Send free in-app messages to attendees and receive instant notifications when they reply. Create private and public group conversations.

User Case Studies

See how different coaches, captains and event organisers use Pitchero to save time, reduce admin and provide a seamless service to teammates and clients.


Captain - 5-a-side Football

Teamer makes it easy to manage my Thursday night football team. I can see who is attending and send them the match fee, pre-game. Makes my life easy!


Coach - Girls Football Team

I use Teamer to manage my junior girls football team. All the parents are signed up, I send messages and take payments. So much easier than cash and email!


Yoga Teacher

I teach yoga twice a week. With Teamer, I can create classes, and clients can pay online to reserve their place. Money goes straight to my bank account, saving me lots of time.


Coach - Triathlon Club

I coach a triathlon team; we run cycling, running and swimming sessions weekly. Teamer helps me manage each session and track attendance across all my athletes.


Captain - Netball Team

I’m the captain of my netball team. Teamer helps me manage who is free to play each week, so I don't have to call my teammates or send endless messages. I save so much!


Leader - Running Club

I run a local running club. 10 or 12 of us meet weekly to run in the local area. With Teamer, I can see who is attending and plan the right route. We don't take payment, but the management tools are essential.


Captain - Basketball Team

I organise a local basketball team. We play in a minor league at different venues. Teamer helps me manage player rotation and collect match fees ahead of each game.

How much does it cost?

Teamer is FREE to download. All team management features are FREE to use, but we charge a small transaction fee if you collect a payment.


Teamer is a free, easy-to-use mobile app;

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